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Google closed the Titan UAV project

Titan said that its unmanned aerial vehicles can take real-time high-resolution images of the Earth, carry other atmospheric sensors and support voice and data services. By the end of 2015, the Titan division merged into X, and Google launched other internal UAV projects, including Black Rock and Project Wing and Tango-based prototypes. Android ecosystem partners are also opening their own for more consumer use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In mid-2015 Titan team in the desert in Arizona suffered crash, and later in 2016 revealed that the wing failure. Late last year, Spaceport America in New Mexico published a report called ‘Skybender’, which reports surfaced from Spaceport America in New Mexico that Google plans to use 5G technology to deliver a wide-area Internet, but the team seems to have serious problems.

Later, parts installed anti-Google has not yet provided the necessary shelves, nuts, bolts. “Nearing the end of construction,” Mike Bashore, information systems manager at Spaceport America, said in an e-mail message to Google contacts: “We all want to go to Home Depot to buy grounding accessories.” These accessories are not sensitive to sensitive electronic components. Subject to static electricity. But the nearest Home Depot hardware store is more than 100 miles from Spaceport.

Alphabet now confirms that the Titan team is closed and engineers are told to look for other jobs within Alphabet / Google within the next few months, with more than 50 employees affected. The Titan Team was distributed to other groups, including the High-Balloon Internet Project Project Loon. “The Titan team was merged into department X in early 2016, and we soon terminated the study of the high-altitude UAV Internet program,” said a spokeswoman for department X. “

Can mulberry return to normal sales?

You can see Mulberry as a miracle in the economic crisis. Hill as the design director, the Mulberry classic Bayswater handbag for a major transformation, it combines fashion, quality and functionality. And then introduced to star Alexa Chung named Alexa handbag. The first to introduce a series of three handbags introduced the size of the practice, caused a sensation in the fashion circle. People can carry a mini Alexa into the nightclub dance floor, you can leave a large size Alexa commuter. No one had thought that just by changing the size of the same handbag can show a completely different style.

In addition, this approach can also expand the price range. Mulberry Most of the mini-size handbags are priced at less than 400 pounds. This approach is now in Burberry, Coach and other brands of handbags can be seen.

In Hill’s British-style design, often contains the inclusive and popular New York. This is related to her professional experience. The British designer worked in Burberry, and later she left London to live in New York for 15 years, has served as Mark & ​​Spencer, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Gap accessories designer.

In fact, Mulberry in the UK once the limelight over Burberry. In December 2010 the British Fashion Awards, it beat Burberry won the annual fashion brand award. In the evening, many fashion editors and socialites lined up to celebrate Emma Hill.

The team behind mulberry’s successful transformation

“This is a start-up, but we want it to be more than just a start-up,” Emma Hill said. She had to create a number of Mulberry popular handbags, 2013, she left the company, when she left her described as “a very open divorce.” At the moment, she sat in the digital company Construct. The founder of this company is her current business partners, Mulberry is also the previous director of brand Georgia Fendley. It is a stone’s throw from the Vogue House in Mayfair, London, and is also home to the Hill and Friends brand. This much-anticipated new accessories brand will be officially released in September this year during the London Fashion Week.

Emma Hill continues: “We’ve been supported by many people for years, and they’re like, ‘We know you’re good at it, that’s great, and now we’re back.'” Fendley agreed “We already have some investors, and we plan to continue to raise funds over the next three years, so you can say that we are very actively developing new business, but we have a team like ours, It’s not common for retailers like Net-a-Porter to supply a lot of products. ”

Indeed, Emma Hill and most of the young accessories brand founder is different, she has a wealth of industry resources and a series of commercially successful accessories design cases – such as Mulberry famous “Alexa” handbags. Before joining Mulberry, she was a Burberry, Clavin Klein and Marc Jacobs and other brand design team in a, but also as Chloé and Halston as design consultant. “I have a theme,” she says, “and I’m fascinated by things like small handbags with big hardware or vice versa, and I like a little bit of roundness.

Mulberry will establish asia branch in China

As part of the expansion of the international market plan, a few days ago, the British veteran luxury group Mulberry said the group will be with the Challice company Club 21 branch in China to set up Mulberry (Asia) Limited, direct control and management of the Asian region. Mainly responsible for the brand, including in Hong Kong and Taiwan business, and will be the first time in China to open four stores, the establishment of a line under the line of the whole channel network.

Challice holds a 56% stake in the Mulberry Group, which is responsible for assigning franchises in China. Mulberry Group currently holds 60% stake in Mulberry (Asia), plans to invest 3 million pounds for the region in the next two years of marketing development. In addition, the group plans to invest £ 2m to develop business strategies with Challice in northern Asia.

According to Mulberry Group, said the new company will be the beginning of two years of loss, is expected to enter a profit two years later, its financial situation will be integrated into the Group’s financial statements.

Mulberry Group CEO Thierry Andretta pointed out that this will be the Group’s competitive advantage, the Group will accelerate the development of the whole channel, the franchise is not the best way to develop business in China. Although the Group already has full-channel operations in Europe and the United States, the Group intends to attract a new generation of consumers, particularly those that rely on the power supplier.

As of September 30 in the first half, Mulberry Group sales increased 32%, accounting for 14% of total sales, while the Group’s total revenue rose 9.9% to 74.5 million pounds, but subject to the sterling exchange rate fell, the period recorded A net loss of £ 342,000, compared with net profit of £ 120,000 in the same period last year.

2017 spring and summer series bag preview

Century leather goods brand Trussardi Hotel in Beijing held the 2017 spring and summer bag series of media preview activities, the new spring and summer series while retaining the traditional Italian classic at the same time, into a number of contradictory and mashup elements, the interpretation of the brand of multicultural and aesthetic pursue.

This season, Trussardi creative director Gaia Trussardi to “contradictory” as the inspiration, intended to be elegant and often misunderstood the anti-mainstream and digital era of contradictory elements, with a dynamic aesthetic deconstruction and re-splicing Out of a classic elegant fashion world.

2017 spring and summer women’s Elegantly Pop series popular in the late 1970s elegant minimalist color hit the eighties sought after shiny colors, the traditional elements of the re-interpretation of classical, given its modern style characteristics. The new Pope is changing the logo printed on the wool on the traditional practice, innovative printed on silk and chiffon fabrics in Shandong. Oversized jacket with a sleek leathery or gray suede suede for a pencil skirt or high waist jeans. Tannin fabric in the silver composite elements against the background shining moving, creating crack effect. Wyrmhide fabric using a classic single product, the pattern resembles the game screen, very pop art color characteristics.

American Giant Companies has fighted together against false news

Google said that the policy is being modified to prevent the content of false websites to use its AdSense network, Facebook also updated advertising policy to make it clear that the deceptive and misleading content of the ban is also applicable to false news.

Google, Facebook and Twitter (18.73, 0.18, 0.97 percent) are facing strong protests over the role they played in the US presidential election, accused of allowing false and often malicious messages to spread on the Web, To support the Republican candidate Trump.

This issue, in particular, sparked heated debate within Facebook, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has insisted twice in recent days, the site did not affect the election. Facebook’s move is limited to its advertising policy, and there is no false news site for subscribers who subscribe to the news.

“We do not embed or play ads in applications or sites that contain illegal, misleading or deceptive content, including false news,” Facebook said in a statement, adding that it will continue to review content publishers to ensure compliance.

Google’s move also does not involve Google search results in the false news or deceptive information. Over the past few days, when the search for the “final ballot count”, the results once the user-oriented general election to win Trump’s fake news.

Google does not imply that the company has used a mechanism to rate the accuracy of specific articles.

Instead, the purpose of the initiative is to ensure that the content publishers are legitimate and to eliminate the incentive to create false news of the money. “In the future, we will restrict the use of advertising services for web pages that distort, misrepresent, or hide content publishers, content, or the underlying purpose of the site,” Google said in a statement.