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Google does not intend to personally build a network on Earth

Alphabet’s Google is in talks to sell Terra Bella, a satellite company, to rival Planet Labs, marking a strategic shift in Google’s strategy to temporarily abandon its ambitions to provide the Internet for the world.

Google acquired Terra Bella in 2014 for $ 500 million, when it was called Skybox Imaging, and in 2016 it was renamed Terra Bella.

Planet Labs is a satellite imagery start-up. The Wall Street Journal said it was raising a new round of financing to raise money for the possible takeover. According to anonymous sources, some of Terra Bella’s employees will join Planet Labs if the acquisition is successful and other employees will be given different positions within Google.

The acquisition talks were first reported by Bloomberg. Informed sources, the focus of negotiations may be in cash and equity acquisition. Planet Labs, which was founded in 2011, is looking to raise funds to finance the acquisition, on the one hand, and money on the other to maintain operations, one person familiar with the matter said.

For Google, the sale of satellite imagery subsidiary Terra Bella means the rapid turnaround of its business. It was once ambitious to want to make the global coverage of the Internet provided by Google, which requires the use of artificial small satellite network to achieve. Google has long been trying to cut off the Internet business has been signs, in October last year, Google fast Internet business for its company layoff of 9% Fiber.

Mulberry will soon launch the low priced “Tessie” series bag

Expensive brand-name merchandise has begun to gradually become the past, more and more luxury brands and leisure brands to launch the series are most people can accept. This is not for the cooperation between the brand series, but the famous brand Mulberry (Mabel Li) luggage brand is about to launch a more reasonable price Tessie series. Although the price is more reasonable, but the Tessi series of design and selection but did not careless.

The first exposure of the 13 bag design is very beautiful, although there is no brand of the classic bag buckle but changed to the brand logo package button seems more innovative. Material, this series of package models have five colors to choose from, and the designer is made of very soft leather. Such a retro but never seen Mulberry bag price as long as 495 pounds to 695 pounds, like Mulberry everyone hurry to pay attention to it!

Mulberry handbag price adjustment strategy will be extended to all products

Simply put, Mulberry found that as long as the price of handbags to adjust to 500-1000 pounds price range, handbags sell better. Before, Mulberry hand bag prices are more than 1100 pounds. After the price adjustment Mulberry handbags accounted for 66% of the total number of products around the same period last year, this ratio is 45%.

Price adjustment strategy seems to be effective. This year, Mulberry retail sales increased by 1% to 110 million pounds. Significant change is seen in the first half of this year, sales fell 9%, but in the opponent to adjust the product package, the second half of the company’s sales rose by 9%.

Previously, Mulberry wholesale sales this year is expected to decline 29% to 38.8 million pounds, so the company needs to enhance the retail sales. The price adjustment strategy will take effect is also the company to see the best-selling package in this category – leather products accounted for Mulberry 90% of total revenue.

“Sales have been growing aggressively since the November price adjustment,” said Mulberry chairman Godfrey Davis.

Because the price adjustment strategy to achieve results, Mulberry will be the strategy to promote all products to the company, including shoes and garments.

Mulberry get loss again in the first half year

Mulberry Group PLC first half of fiscal year recorded a £ 515,000 pre-tax loss, while the same period last year, £ 60,000 pre-tax profits during the product investment increased by 100 million pounds, this factor also led to gross margin fell 240 basis points to 59.1%; on the other hand the foreign subsidiaries of the foreign exchange costs increased by an additional £ 400,000, the Group expects unfavorable exchange rate on the annual profit will have an additional 1 million pounds of additional negative impact.

Revenue rose to £ 74.55 million from £ 67.78 million in the year-ago quarter, with digital sales soaring 32% and now accounting for 14% of total revenue. Group CEO Thierry Andretta pointed out that the new creative director Johnny Coca in February this year, London Fashion Week released his first Mulberry Mai Baorui brand series of inherent customers and new customers to the ideal response, six months he has launched for the brand 9 New bags, and the brand has only introduced six months after the first two new products, and now about 70% of the price of Mulberry Mirabew brand handbags between the most popular customer 500-995 pounds price range.

The Group’s retail sales and wholesale sales increased 9.9% and 9.8% YoY to 55.4m and 19.1m respectively in the first half of the year, while retail same-store sales recorded a rapid growth of 7%. However, the Group disclosed that although the sharp depreciation of sterling has boosted the sales of London stores to overseas visitors, domestic demand has weakened in recent weeks. Retail same-store sales slowed to 3% in the first 10 weeks of the second half of the fiscal year ended Dec. 3, with UK same-store sales slowing to 3% from 7% in the first half and international SSS from 10 % To 1%.

LeSportsac launched 2016 Winter new series of bags

Is a year of silver wrapped, elk Christmas gifts, you have for family and friends to pick a good gift? LeSportsac 2016 winter series, such as about the series, not only for the trendy design of the Colorful Essential series, the release of the shoulders, the city must have the city series, as well as playful, travel Star SNOOPY Cooperation series. This year’s Christmas, with LeSPortsac music poem wrapped in love and warmth, for you to get rid of the cold winter.

Essential solid color series of bags, the bright colors and LeSPortsac music Po poetic landmark of the ultimate anti-tearing Micro Ripstop nylon material combination, the bag distributed throughout the bright brilliance. Hot red, lovely pink, pure blue … Each solid color bags will be simple fashion, the interpretation of the most vividly!

Unlimited creative printing series, as knocked over the artist’s scroll. Whether it is the dream of retro carousel, intertwined lingering flowers vines, or Baroque gorgeous printing, all for the Christmas season into a touch of warmth.

US media may not understand the real USA

From the Hillary encounter e-mail scandal, serious fall, to Trump many years ago insulting women’s remarks video exposure…Some people say, continued to staged a variety of plot reversal, so this election has become more than “card house” more Wonderful, than the “vice president” more Gouxue reality show. Therefore, the US media industry has every reason to believe that, as a reality show the final chapter of the winning night of attention, destined to be more than the last two.

America’s television industry has been depressed for years, but now, no matter who will be the new president, the most direct beneficiaries of this campaign, which lasted only a few months but felt like years of hard work, Fox as the representative of the major television networks.

Regardless of the ratings or advertising revenue, the earnings of several major television networks have shown a beautiful upward curve before, a new record was born – October, the United States among several major television networks, Fox won the ratings champion, some time And even more than the ESPN ratings, which in the past is unthinkable; and MSNBC also ushered in its 20 years, the highest watched a month users; CNN is a record “15 years in the young audience the highest rate of new record” .

CNN has done more than a dozen rehearsals over the weekend for election night. In fact, the whole 2016 CNN are particularly ambitious. At the beginning of the year, it announced a $ 20 million expansion plan, employing hundreds of new employees to report on the election, which will continue until the end of the presidential election.