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The hottest programming language in 2016

TIOBE Index only through the search engine to analyze the popular programming language, and do not care about these languages in practical work. However, if you want to know what language is useful for your work, the TIOBE Index provides important reference information.

Each year, the award is presented to “the popular programming language of the year”. “Google Go did not encounter too much competition, won the 2016 this award.” In addition TIOBE Index said the company found in the paid customers, Google Go in industrial occasions has attracted increasing interest.

Since 2009, Google is in the lead community on Go language development. The language is intended to help web developers develop applications at the scale and speed of Google and focus on performance and ease of use.

In the programming world, Google Go is rapidly gaining fan support. Go offers alternatives to Oracle’s Java, which for the past two decades has been the dominant language for computer programming. Google internal use Go language to build the download server to help users download files similar to Chrome installation package.

Mulberry’s new “Hermes strategy” was suspected

With “ups and downs” to describe the performance of Mulberry in the stock market is not an exaggeration, its 2008 just listed on the global economic crisis, but after the listing of three years, Mulberry’s impressive performance. In 2011, the little-known Mulberry won the best performance of the stock title in 2010, its share price rose 526% over the same period overseas revenue more than doubled. In retail, more than Mulberry only operating Starbucks coffee PT Mitra Adiperkasa and Indonesia Sogo department store. Therefore, it is called “the future of Prada or Ferragamo”.

As a result, in 2012 fiscal year revenue growth of 38%, pre-tax profit up 54% of the dazzling performance, Mulberry ambitious announced global expansion plans to open 16 stores in the United States and a new factory in the UK .

However, the bizarre market to Mulberry opened a joke, four months later in October 2012, Mulberry was forced to issue the first profit warning, stock plunged 25.1%. Mulberry’s explanation is from the Asian market challenges and the wholesale network of thin.

Doom has not yet ended, 5 months later, Mulberry again issued profit warning, after the stock fell 17% to 10.25 pounds. According to Mulberry issued a statement, mainly due to Christmas tourism sales decline.

As of press time ago, Mulberry’s stock price of 9.25 pounds, compared with a year ago, 15.18 pounds, down as high as 37%, the decline continues.

Mulberry specially released products

To celebrate the advent of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the British well-known leather goods brand Mulberry with its classic British-made Willow series detachable envelope hand bag for inspiration, especially for Chinese friends created the New Year Golden envelope.

Mulberry stores around the world will be in the Chinese New Year this time to provide customers with a red envelope for the purpose of the golden envelope.

Mulberry new series of Chinese New Year echoes the gorgeous red package section, including the classic Bayswater series, the new Bayswater Double Zip Tote series, Alexa classic series and retro Suffolk package models.

At the same time to celebrate the opening of the Mulberry store in Shanghai and the Chinese New Year, Mulberry will be held on January 31 (Friday) at launched with the second-tier cities Cereal Tourism and photography magazine Shanghai special edition postcards.

Mulberry Christmas advertising has been officially released

Mulberry new Christmas advertising blockbuster “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” tells the story of a traditional Christmas in England, the protagonist by the discerning mother, noisy sisters and a mysterious son.

The film is directed by Albert Moya, and the screenwriter is the famous << Budapest Hotel >> the writer Hugo Guinness, the Christmas advertising blockbuster all the characters are performed by children, so the whole story is full of twists and turns.

This is a story about love and inclusiveness that tells how Christmas influences a family and leads to the theme “it’s what’s inside that counts” at the end of the film.

On Christmas Eve, when Rose generously decided to give his beloved Bayswater to his sister when the whole theme will show the most vividly.

Mulberry creative director Johnny Coca said, “When I was a child, always want to grow faster, so I can become a father, and now, I hope to be a child again! Christmas wake up everyone’s innocence, which But also I use a child to interpret Mulberry’s advertising blockbusters and tell the story of my heart the reason “

2017 series of spring and summer bags

GIADA 2017 series of accessories in the spring and summer on the basis of luxury and elegance, like a forest from the exploration of tranquil freedom. Creative director Gabriele Colangelo will “Zip” concept of the unique space partition philosophy and pure and strong color mapping in the GIADA 2017 spring and summer series.

GIADA brand package 2017 spring and summer series of bags in the continuation of color on the clothing line of forest color and bold use of the color gamut partition: forest green with mint green, white with black truffle, to create a visual Out of the double dimensions.

Exquisite calfskin, suede in color on the addition of a sense of texture. The overall shape of the trend of handbags this season, relaxed and natural, in the pursuit of a sense of space while still maintaining a compact shape; basket-shaped round bottom and slightly outside the opening along the composition of a harmonious proportion; rectangle handbag is deliberately stretched horizontal ratio, the expression of freedom Attitude.

The hotel search engine Trivago submitted its prospectus

Trivago, the world’s largest hotel search engine, backed by online travel giant Expedia, has filed a prospectus with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is scheduled to be traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The security code for Trivago will be “TRVG”.

Investment banks JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will be co-lead underwriters for Trivago IPO, Allen & Company, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Cowen and Company, and Guggenheim Securities will participate The company’s securities underwriting company.

Market analysts had previously expected that Trivago would have a market capitalization of $ 5 billion at the time of the initial public offering. BI had previously reported that Trivago planned this initial public offering between the end of November. Although the prospectus at this time to submit, which means Trivago has been unable to achieve this goal, but the company may still be listed before the end of this year.

Expedia said in July, Trivago second-quarter revenue has reached 200 million US dollars, annual revenue has more than 660 million US dollars.

Trivago will be one of the largest initial public offerings in the US securities market this year. With investor sentiment in the fermentation, technology stocks in the IPO last year almost stalled and began to ease slightly this year. This year, the largest technology company IPO for the instant messaging application Line in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange listing, raised a total of 1.24 billion US dollars of funds.