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Smart home electronics has become a big new industry

Such as the Amazon voice control speaker Echo and Google’s intelligent smoke monitor Nest Protect and other smart home equipment, has formed a large industry. Smartphone hardware and services sales are expected to reach $ 83 billion this year, according to new data released Tuesday by Juniper, a market research firm.

By 2021, Juniper says, that number will more than double to $ 195 billion. The company that is expected to lead the industry will be Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Samsung. The market research company called these companies “Big Four”, saying they will “further consolidate their position in the next few years.” Smart home hardware and services include many categories, such as entertainment, automation, health and interconnection equipment.

Juniper said the fastest growth areas in the next five years are expected to be home automation and smart appliances. Devices in these areas will include Google’s smart audio and artificial intelligence assistant, Google Home, and the Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit, which dims and turns the lights on and off.

Mulberry has adjusted sales strategy

In the past 10 months Mulberry CEO Bruno Guillon and creative director Emma Hill have to leave. The group’s “slightly lower-than-expected” pretax profit was around £ 14m ($ 150m) at the average exchange rate for the past year, and its pretax profit excludes its two online stores in the US Of the 2.7 million pounds (about 28 million yuan) of online profits.

Therefore, Mulberry this year will reduce the price of goods to revitalize sales. Over the past 18 months, Mulberry continues to raise commodity prices, trying to compete with other luxury goods, resulting in the loss of a large number of customers in the UK.

“As a result of changes in management, we are now adjusting our sales strategy to reduce commodity prices to meet the needs of our loyal customers,” Davis said. “This will affect our short-term financial balance, but long-term maintenance Mulberry This brand, this sustainable development will provide more resources for our future. ”

Mulberry that the new sales strategy will be short-term negative impact, to achieve brand reconstruction.

Davis to the Women’s Daily revealed that in June this year, the average price of listed products will be lower than before 15% to 20%. “We want to give local loyal customers a reasonable price, attractive products.” He also said, Mulberry will be committed to international expansion this year, but the number of new stores will decline. In 14-15 years, about 5 new stores will be opened, compared with eight in the past year, aiming to reduce the cost of sales and improve the quality of sales of open stores.

Fall in love with the Mulberry rainbow style

Mulberry2015 spring and summer bags of colorful index that is absolutely enough to let you warm up in the winter, love the rainbow of courage Mulberry in the back endless stream to you! Mulberry bags, Extreme, generous and decent crowd at the same time the outbreak of a sense of walking in this cold city as if the protagonist-like pleasure! Love life, how can you miss this series!

Mulberry series of spring and summer of 2015 launched a series of bags, this series has always been consistent simple style of leisure, generous and elegant with the fun to create the most natural city. Package with the hands of the God of people must come to look at Mulberry’s new series of package models to ensure that you can find your heart water choice.

Clutch for daily life to provide a lot of convenience, to meet the requirements of people who love beauty, while the pursuit of quality of the brand Mulberry is to provide a certain guarantee. The subtle subtlety lies in the small plant, although subtle but clever.

Leather quality and package of fashion is always easy to meet a group of easy-going public tastes, flat rectangular package section light and convenient and full of features, is absolutely necessary to go out with the goods.

Fashion sense of the full package of popular young people, even walking the briefcase of the same style people unable to stop, in addition to enhance the handsome elegance of carrying a bag, but also greatly enhance the bag’s fashion taste!

Mulberry’s profits began to rise when it released light luxury

The British brand had paid a terrible price for the wrong strategy. In 2011, the company hired from the luxury brand Hermes chief executive Bruno Guillon bent on Mulberry from the British national brand to high-end luxury brand. But it is clear that the old customers do not intend to accept a doubled the price, so Mulberry revenue year after year decline. Not only that, the company also began to disagree, creative director Emma Hill resigned in 2013.

Since then, Mulberry has been trying to find the “bench”, twice a year the new conference was shelved to one side. Fortunately, in July last year, the company’s core position – Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director finally once again neat. Previously, Johnny Coca, director of accessories design at Céline, took over with the new CEO, Thierry Andretta, and the pair came up with a new lifestyle brand. Mulberry from leather goods will be the main product, with shoes and show money clothing.

In February this year, London autumn and winter fashion week, Mulberry came back. “Johnny Coca’s latest series of enthusiastic response,” the company mentioned in the earnings report. Barclays Bank analysis of the latest report said that in the luxury retail difficult environment, Mulberry’s sales performance. Johnny Coca’s first series will bring greater surprise to brand sales.

In order to prove that he did not fall behind, Mulberry and even join the “show that is to buy,” the tide, 2016 autumn and winter series of handbags show a few weeks after the rushed shelves. The starting point is quite practical – to prevent plagiarism. Thierry Andretta explained: “You spend a lot of money design, catwalk, marketing, but the time difference allows fast fashion loopholes directly plagiarism.”

Be careful of purchasing bags online

Not long ago, Wujiang Police received a new beauty company alarm, said they found a registered place for the Wujiang Shop is selling counterfeit brand new luggage.

Police investigation found that since 2014, the suspect Lee, who bought a large number of counterfeit “Sammi” “the United States brigade” and other brand bags, combined with the network through the form of store sales profit, the total amount involved nearly 80 million yuan. Police investigation that the source of these counterfeit goods should be in Guangdong, Sichuan, sales network involving Jiangsu, Fujian and other places. This year in October, the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau to the Ministry of Public Security launched a national cluster campaign, in Suzhou, Mianyang, Guangzhou, Fuqing and other places focus on the network.

November 8, Suzhou, a market in the investigation and sale of Zhenze, “New Beauty” luggage shop office space in a factory in the eight, seized “New Beauty” luggage warehouse warehouse, a total seized counterfeit finished luggage More than 1,000, the scene arrested the suspect, shop owner Lee.

At the same time, the local police in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, seized a luggage dens factory, a warehouse, seized more than 1,000 finished bags, semi-finished luggage and counterfeit “new beauty” signs tens of thousands, there are a lot of counterfeiting equipment and tools. Arrested four suspects Liu. In Fuqing City, Fujian Province, investigated and dealt with a shop office space in Guangzhou, investigate and deal with the manufacture and sale of counterfeit luggage dens. At present, the suspects were taken criminal coercive measures, the case is pending.

Google talent has made acquisition of Undecidable Labs

According to reports, Google last month acquired a small business, called Undecidable Labs. Cathy Edwards, co-founder and CEO of the venture, is now the director of products and engineering for Google’s image search tool.

According to Edwards, she also worked as an engineering director for Apple before working on Undecidable Labs, including the App Store, the Apple TV, iBooks, iTunes, iTunes U and Apple Maps.

Prior to the acquisition, Undecidable Labs focused on developing “tools to convert online search users to consumers.” Details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Two months ago, Pinterest hired Li Fan, Google’s former director of image-search engineering, as the engineering director for his company. The acquisition of Google is also to fill their talent vacancies.

Google R & D image search technology has been 15 years of history, with the depth of learning as a result of the rise of artificial intelligence technology, and now more and more attention in this area. In-depth learning requires the creation of artificial neural networks based on large amounts of data, such as pictures that are tagged to annotate what they are, and then the machine will be trained to “guess” what the new picture is. With the strengthening of computing power and access to the establishment of the database, the price of this method is getting lower and lower.