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Google and WPP released “China’s sea brand list”

Since 2014, the “sea” has become a new strategy for large enterprises, has become the start-up companies are looking for “New World” is a necessary way. Now, you will want to know, who has occupied a place in the overseas market? Why are they successful? And who has more opportunities to win the favor of overseas consumers?

Therefore, the world’s largest communications group WPP brand consulting firm BrandZ with Google’s online research tool Google Surveys, launched the first issue of “sea report” – “China’s 30 sea-going brand.” The list shows that acquisitions and organic growth strategies work, making the brand a leader in the industry. Which strategy should be chosen depending on the brand belongs to the category and the competitive environment may be. Such as Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business and Motorola’s mobile division; Haier’s acquisition of General Electric’s home appliance division; and Cheetah Mobile’s acquisition of News Republic and so on to its new market business and brand building has played a significant role.

The list lists the most successful Chinese brands in overseas markets, the results show that China has attracted worldwide attention.

The list of Chinese brands in seven countries overseas brand power was calculated. It was 167 Chinese brands in seven countries of the market power of the brand scores and take a total of the median of 85 rankings, Lenovo, Ali, Huawei are on the list.

It is worth mentioning that, cheetah mobile Internet field only ten strong finalists of the enterprise, strong performance, won the ninth results. Survey, the international community on China’s “national brand” view is changing. This pattern reflects the transformation of China’s “national brand”, which is increasingly being linked to innovative digital devices and services by overseas consumers.

Mulberry CEO resigned for bad performance

As a famous luxury brand Hermes former managing director, Bruno Guillon in March 2012 began in the old British Mulberry (Mulberry) as the company’s CEO. During his two years in office, Mulberry (Mulberry) the cumulative decline in stock prices reached 68%, the market value of evaporation of nearly 2 / Although the media and the community on Bruno Guillon’s evaluation mixed, the company responded to his resignation or his work to affirm: “Bruno Guillon to enhance the overall quality of the product, enhance the brand’s international influence, and promote overseas Sales”.

Bruno Guillon took a series of measures during his tenure, including the rectification of sales channels, improve product prices, to the top luxury positioning closer, and did not achieve the desired results, hand, Mulberry company in the past year and a half suffered three profit warning. Last summer, Mulberry (Mulberry) creative director Emma Hill also because of his disagreement and parted ways. As a British veteran with a long history, Marbury can be said to suffer an unprecedented crisis.

Godfrey Davis, who will take over the CEO position, has been 64 years old and has served Mulberry for 27 years, setting a record six times in 18 months. Marbury hopes that Godfrey Davis can help stabilize the situation before finding a successor.

Crisis of the Mulberry (Mulberry) company in the earlier London Fashion Week, and the supermodel of the ghost horse choose Cara – Dei (Cara Delevingne) to launch a joint bag series in order to break through. With the star effect can make the British veteran regrouping now does not seem optimistic, the company is more hope that the personnel transfer to bring more change, return to first-line brand status.

Creative director of mulberry has resigned

British brand Mulberry will not do in the London Fashion Week show the news, but it will still be in fashion week show. The current brand of creative director of the post is still not conclusive, find a Kaopu creative director is always very difficult. Because Emma Hill’s departure, associated with Mulberry’s share price has shrunk dramatically.

Earlier we have reported that the British brand Mulberry will not do in the London Fashion Week show the news, but it will still be in fashion week show. The current brand of creative director of the post is still not conclusive, is currently the most concerned about the focus. “No creative director, you can not show,” Bruno Guillon brand CEO talked about this embarrassing situation, “we will make more efforts in marketing, increase the interest to maintain the brand’s visibility and visibility.”

Bruno is too stubborn, and see people Maison Martin Margiela in the absence of creative director of the case of continuous years of running show, but also in the high-level custom to win a seat in the world. No designer no show, big mistake ah. Of course, people have aspirations to find a Kaopu creative director is always very difficult. Because Emma Hill’s departure, associated with Mulberry’s share price has shrunk dramatically, which is quite similar to the situation of the earlier Burberry.

Mulberry show in london fashion week

Mulberry creative director Johnny Coca said: “Lia and Odette although there are different shapes, but we still want them to be out of the twin concept of mapping” – like sometimes you see a girl from the mirror, but sometimes You can see the two girls, which reflects their position to replace each other, this is very interesting and fun.

The second part of the video will be released in September, the second chapter is about the twins contrast and complement each other’s story, through the appearance of each other to add some visually appealing Modeling, and the establishment of emotional connection, this is a warm, full of poetic story, like a painting show Mulberry 2016 winter series. This season’s focus is on the duality, thin shirt with military metal nail decorated wool cape, and rose printing and type grid thick boots for comparison.

Lia and Odette Mulberry 2016 itself is part of the winter series, two in London Fashion Week for Mulberry catwalk, and Odette Mulberry is the opening model.

Dior bag can be seen frequently on the street

Women’s Department of the helm, never rigidly adhere to the women who can always wear the New Look out, they will always assess the situation, with the most unexpected design, establish a new era of women’s fashion benchmark.

So in the field of luxury goods, Dior has always been to go untouched and chic.

Dior is also a natural guardians.

Classic inheritance for Dior, is not a mandate to be given, but a continuation of the United States.

The spirit of New Look in today’s era, it is still meticulous decomposition and digestion after the reorganization of the past John Galliano done, Raf Simons more back to the beginning, the turn of Maria Grazia Chiuri, her 2017 spring and summer women Show the field of a shot, is the deja vu profile come to earth.

This Wei Road, is not stubborn stick, is not stubborn inheritance, many of the classic sensation in the past, now already has extraordinary vitality.

Google Music can predict what songs you want to hear

According to foreign media reports, if you are willing to hand over their data presented, then Google does bring you a lot of benefits, this time they brought overhauled Google Play music applications.

This week, the application will officially land Andrews and iOS platform, the monthly use of the cost of $ 9.99. It will automatically according to your location and activities for you to recommend streaming music. For example, if you are going to the gym, then Google will automatically help you to filter for gym-specific violent music. If you’re on the commute, the app will choose some soothing music for the subway.

In addition, Google’s machine learning algorithm will also take into account the prevailing weather conditions. Therefore, in the rain you hear the music and the blue sky when the clouds will be different.

Of course, Google also gives users full choice, if you care about their own personal privacy, then you can turn off this algorithm.

The new Google Play music service also features a well-designed home screen that not only makes reference to the data presented above, but also takes into account your habit of listening to music. This mix of human-machine data is more predictable. In addition, with the increase in the number of use, the service forecast will become more accurate. If you do not have a network nearby, Google Play Music will also provide offline playlists.

Google’s rivals in streaming music, such as Spotify and Apple Music, offer similar music discoveries, but Google, which is more powerful in analyzing data, is far more accurate than rivals.