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The EU plans to introduce new privacy regulations

The European Union in Brussels on Tuesday proposed a new draft privacy law, so that Internet users can set their network with more control. The European Union says the new rules will allow the EU ‘s electronic privacy laws to extend beyond telecom operators to cover “new e – mail service providers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Gmail, iMessage or Viber.

“I want to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our electronic communications,” said Andrus Ansip, the European Union’s vice president for digital markets, in a statement. “Our draft of the ePrivacy Regulation The right balance: it will protect the interests of consumers, while allowing enterprises to innovation.

The latest proposal is also one of the many regulatory hurdles Internet companies face in the past few years as regulators are trying to crack down on Internet companies’ unauthorized handling of personal data.

The European Commission has also stepped up regulation of US technology giants in other areas. Google for many years to face the EU antitrust investigation, and Apple in August last year was ordered to pay up to 13 billion euros in Ireland (about 14.6 billion US dollars) in taxes and interest.

Just a few months before the draft of the new electronic privacy law, the European Union embraced a comprehensive revision of data protection legislation. The new Data Protection Act will come into force in May 2018, the Member States will be the first time the right of privacy regulators to impose penalties on non-compliance with their companies up to 4% of annual global sales of fines.

How to spot fake mulberry bayswater bag

If the so – called real goods have a small ticket, then please request a small ticket original price, to prevent copying small ticket. If there is no small ticket, then the dust bag is also essential. Mulberry’s dust bag work well in the lower right of the dust bag clearly printed with a golden tree (in its cards are also on). The fake dust bag is an ordinary anti-gray bag, a tree, but the golden color is not as bright as the real thing. Really dust bag close to the crimson, slightly brown partial, while the fake is brown.

The real goods Mulberry trademark is worn with black string hanging in the bag, while the fake package is a usual we are very common plastic rope hanging. Of course, some false packages also use black string, so we need to combine the other parts of view. In addition, the real goods maintenance card has two kinds of brown and milky white. There is a point worth noting that the real cargo maintenance card will be stated “Colloni WaterSTOP”, but the fake is the “Colloni Waterspot”, which buyers must be beating around the ask.

Authentic Mulberry bags have a certain amount, because most of the skin and metal pieces are brass material. Some will be relatively bright, but most still do the old style. Real goods Mulberry bag is not the so-called “leather” leather trademark, and fakes often appear. Inside the bag, there is no MADE IN fake words appear, and the real goods are often marked with a black label “Made in England”, “Made in Turkey” or “Made in China”, and the reverse side of a bag number, Year of bag production. Mulberry bags are produced in the UK in recent years has gradually turned to other countries foundry, and only about 30% of British production, this is no stranger to us. Most Mulberry lining is dark gray or brown and Mulberry LOGO, some series are not lined!

Mulberry Christmas new series

The United Kingdom well-known installation artist and artistic director Shona Heath Mulberry Harrods representative of the shop’s five window into a Mulberry’s origin – the English countryside beautiful winter forest-inspired fairy tale dream. There is a snow-covered forest, frozen lake, the forest of animals with a mysterious and full of magic Mulberry mulberry.

In order to celebrate the Harrods store festival fairy tale theme of the launch, Mulberry specially invited the famous British film and television drama “Don Day Manor” actor Allen Leech to read a fairy tale summary. Monday, December 2 at 4 pm can be accessed by into the Mulberry fairy-tale game world: watch an exclusive video, to participate in guessing Allen read which a fairy tale, more chance to win the beautiful Mulberry Package as a Christmas gift.

Fairy tale about the link will be held every Christmas before Christmas in Mulberry Pop Up space. December 7, the famous poet Murray Lachlan Young will recite a festive atmosphere is poetry, and December 14 from well-known children’s products company Camila Batmanghelid will tell her own fairy tale creation.

Mulberry aims at becoming a lifestyle brand

Mulberry from 2011 began to fall into the trough. This year the company hired from Hermes CEO Bruno Guillon, developed a series of high-end route plan, trying to copy a new Hermes. However, the old customers do not seem to pay for this, Mulberry revenue decline year after year. And the company is also full of differences, which eventually led to the 2013 creative director Emma Hill’s departure. Since then, Mulberry absence London fashion week for two and a half.

July 2015, Mulberry key positions – chief executive officer and creative director finally officers neat. Thierry Andretta and Johnny Coca have worked together, they took office after took out a new program: lifestyle brands. The purpose is simple: to attract customers. From now on, Mulberry leather goods will be the main product, with shoes and show money clothing. Not long ago, Mulberry chose to reach an agreement with the luxury goods group Onward, which will be responsible for footwear and fashion production and some sales.

Responding to the audience’s point of view, we are the former Céline accessories designer’s performance is quite satisfactory, many people are models for wearing shoes are full of interest, have picked up the phone camera and video.

However, as a leather fashion brand started, bag when the show is still the focus of the field. For most of the audience, since Johnny Coca has designed Céline Swing package, Mulberry this comeback is a basic exam questions. Back in the show more than three hours ago, Mulberry through Instagram first exposure of the basic models this season Clifton – a boxy handbag, as well as other show field handbags. Including the hot pack for more than a decade of the classic package Bayswater, the design team specifically for the cortex and the handle at the fine-tuning, it appears in the show stage delicate, young. Daikin chain and rivets are more like a miracle cure throughout the series, with both blessing, regardless of clothes, or handbags instantly vibrant.

Dior latest limited series frog bag

Recently, all the big names really are not idle, we are familiar with some of the luxury brands involved in the field has been relatively broad, and not only the recent 2017 spring new products continue to appear in our eyes, since the clothing are ready, Then the other with a single product can not fall, so today Xiaobian give you bring some new bags oh.

Many women love the bag is far greater than the degree of clothing, and many people feel that a woman must have one or two of their favorite exquisite bag Oh, do not know we have not selected for their own good?

If not yet, then quickly look at Dior latest limited series bag. This series of bags with seven artists created, let’s take a look at the joint with Chris Martin frog series. They are indeed a sense of artistic super, one has enough to attract everyone’s attention, and quickly to pick and choose.

US technology stocks were sold

The technology-heavy Nasdaq was down 0.5 percent from Thursday’s 5208.8, as Wall Street investors sold shares of technology companies. While the Nasdaq-listed tech giants have fallen much more. Thursday, the Amazon stock closed at $ 742.38, compared with the previous day’s closing price of 771.88 down $ 29.5, down 3.8%.

At the same time, Apple and Microsoft’s share price fell also very serious, including Apple fell 2.8 percent to 107.73 US dollars to close, Microsoft was awarded 58.70 US dollars, down 2.44%. In addition, the Google parent company alphabet, its stock closed down to 762.56 dollars on Thursday, compared with the previous day down 2.9%, second only to the Amazon fell. Shares in the setback in several major technology giants, Facebook shares also fell nearly 2% on Thursday.

Trump said he was committed to increasing infrastructure investment. Infrastructure stocks may benefit from the newly elected US President Trump’s economic stimulus plan. From this, the Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and other technology giants of the stock prices have their “difficulties.”