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Google has built multiple data centers

A few days ago, Google Company issued a specially designed for the data center professionals with the lowest cloud experience cloud computing platform guide.

Like its rivals, Amazon and Microsoft, Google is aggressively pursuing enterprise cloud markets, hoping those who use their own IT infrastructure or hosting data centers will migrate as much of their workload as possible onto their cloud platforms. The guide is intended to explain to practitioners running enterprise data centers how cloud computing will replace every function of its operational facilities.

“The Google Cloud Platform Data Center Personal Edition will be a guide for customers who want to migrate to the Google Cloud platform from non – cloud environments,” wrote Peter – Mark Verwoerd, a Google solutions architect, in a blog post.

This guide describes the basics of running IT in cloud computing, including computing, networking, storage, and management.

Beginning in 2015, Google has increased investment in the cloud services business, and expand its scope of information dissemination. Enterprise cloud opportunities are huge, but in terms of market share, Google is far behind its biggest rivals.

According to an analyst report in 2016, top infrastructure-as-a-service cloud providers generated $ 11.2 billion in revenues in 2015 and are forecasting a market size of $ 120 billion by 2020. Google’s market share in 2015 was 2.5%, Amazon 70.7%, while Microsoft’s 10.8%.

Google’s efforts to prove its cloud value and hiring VMware founder DianeGreene to lead its cloud business and invest in the construction of 10 new data centers, the move attracted the attention of well-known cloud computing customers, including Spotify, Niantic, Coca-Cola , And Disney.

Mulberry came across difficulties in updating

Mulberry annual report shows: As of September 30, 2013 earnings Mulberry Group PLC profit before tax fell 28% to 723 million pounds, wholesale revenue fell 5% to 28.6 million pounds. The industry believes that poor performance reflects the unreasonable accounts in Europe and Asia, a large number of partners to reduce reserves. Informed sources: Christmas after the United Kingdom trading volume is very poor, many customers criticized them until the “shopping day” after the start of the discount, and wholesale orders in South Korea was canceled.

In fact, Mulberry’s pricing strategy has been on the brand profit and reconstruction work adversely affected. The temporary executive chairman of the Godfrey Davis said Mulberry will return to the future low-cost strategy. The reason is Mulberry nearly two years of high-priced and high positioning strategy to reduce the competitiveness of the group, missed a large number of customers.

Previously, Mulberry had its product prices increased by 12%, and began to promote more high-end products, including Bayswater package a few years ago the price is about 600 pounds, has now risen to nearly 1000 pounds.

Logo has always been emphasized Mulberry, its Logo is not too much appeal to Chinese consumers, because Chinese consumers can afford high prices tend to buy those customers typically, the most iconic brand. At the same time, a new generation of young consumers to invest more attention they can afford “light luxury.”

Mulberry CEO Guillon worked in Hermes, in the brand strategy, he was also the brand to build a more “tall”, the closure of a number of outlets, and the light of the transformation strategy of the home of Bao. But the wealth of the Institute of Zhou Ting believes that, the transformation of Mulberry seems to “turn bad”, compared to the transformation of the year Bao Bao home, Zhou Ting said: “Mulberry is just one of the individual ‘explosion package’ Alexa, Del Rey and other brands, influence is not large .Bao Baobian home to do the upgrade market conditions, but now the market situation is grim, and not suitable for brand upgrade.

Mulberry wants to defeat burberry with other luxury brands

Mulberry’s news continues, although the announcement will not be released in February fashion show news, but Mulberry also said in other forms of new releases. The latest news is with the well-known waterproof coat brand Mackintosh together to create a lovely and temperament of the British windbreaker. The Mackintosh brand was created by the Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh to weather the rainy weather in Britain through a special coating that protects the rain.

We see the Mulberry and Mackintosh jointly designed models based on the naked camel, and some in the arm joined the Polka dots elements, looks cute cute; there are law-abiding hat coat style, but the pocket location design exquisite, extremely Slim, presumably to the fashionable people can be favorable. These cute waterproof trench coat will be limited in the December 6 launch, only available on

Mulberry is the latest news and well-known waterproof coat brand Mackintosh together to create a lovely and temperament of the British windbreaker.

Can the new executive ensure the recovery of mulberry?

Since last year, the gradual recovery of the business of the Mulberry Group, the appointment of the new chief executive officer and the new creative director, gradually stabilized investor confidence, so that the stock price gradually picked up. However, the brand yesterday announced the appointment of the new chief financial officer’s decision.

Neil Ritchie, 44, who served on the board of the Mulberry Board of Directors on May 16, served as the Group’s chief financial officer. He served in the Dyson Group and served in the group’s UK, European, North American and Asian markets. Multiple business and financial positions with extensive financial management experience.

The current chief financial officer, Roger Mather, will leave the board on the same day as the new chief financial officer, but will leave until June to ensure the smooth transition of the group’s financial handover. The Group did not explain the reasons for this personnel transfer.

Different colors of fashion bags with eye-catching elegants

According to the different clothing with the appropriate style and color of the bag is not the same as the clothes and bags with only appropriate to exudes the greatest charm, and that today Xiaobian and Li-ni brand together for we Weapon, Look at the different colors of the bag with what kind of clothes, interested friends together to see!

Candy color must be a lot of MM like the color, that if you want to match the color of the bag, we suggest you choose to wear a black line with dark pants, dark clothing with more suitable for candy color of the package Package, this makes the overall shape of the people have the feeling of shines.

Bags and clothes with the same color is also a good choice with the method, such as the figure in the model chose a black jacket with red plum skirt with the dress, then choose the black bag can echo the color of the coat, making the overall mix more unified coordination .

Pink color gives the feeling of the people will be more sweet, but if you do not like too sweet Fan but like pink, you can choose the printed shirt with pantyhose mix, this mix gives the feeling of more able neat, you can And pink bag to bring sweet feeling, so you look sweet but not greasy.

Google shot against false news sites

According to foreign media reports, Google plans to prohibit the use of false advertising website advertising software. This shows that Google is taking measures to resolve the controversial network of false information.

Google said on Monday that it plans to stop Google ads being placed on the page of false news sites that distort, misrepresent, or conceal the publisher’s information, content, and primary purpose. A Google spokesman said the policy was aimed at websites that publish false news.

False news has become a hot topic in recent US presidential elections, especially those that spread widely on Facebook. Google on Sunday made a mistake in this regard, the company in the search results recommended a Trump win the election of false news. Some media commentators have urged technology companies to try to stop the spread of such false information.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) on ​​Saturday tried to dilute the existence of false news problems on Facebook. He published a long article that fake news in Facebook global content accounted for less than 1%, will not affect the election results.

At the same time, Zuckerberg said the company is developing tools to help reduce false news on the site, including a tool that allows users to tag false news. However, Zuckerberg also warned that this tool may be abused, because the user will mark them do not agree with the point of view.