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Amazon has become the top 1 in e-commerce search engine

As we all know, Google (microblogging) most of the revenue from the advertising business, and search engine is the super pillar of the advertising business, people search more, Google more money.

However, in recent years, Amazon has begun to invade the territory of Google, a lot of cake to go the search giant, and Google is difficult to fight back with the Amazon line of the old, it is the electricity business search.

Financial services company Raymond James research data show that online shopping, more than half of users choose to start their search in the Amazon, and such as Google search engine, can only get 26% of the traffic, and Amazon has taken away The entrance to Google.

More worthy of Google vigilance is that such a situation is not always the case, in 2014, but half of the country’s search engine, just two years, Amazon completed the position of the swap.

In addition, this trend is unlikely to be reversed within a short period of time. Data show that 18-29 year-old young users in the product search, 62% will choose Amazon, and search engine share of only 21% of the.

Mulberry first-half profit fell 31%

UK retail sales rose 6% to 49.5 million pounds, same-store sales up 4%, UK retail sales accounted for 70% of total retail sales; international retail sales rose 29% to 6.3 million Sterling; online sales fell 8% to 6.6 million pounds. Wholesale sales mainly due to the decline in European orders, brand new franchise experience in the first half of the case, the wholesale business is still grim.

Mulberry Group PLC (LON: MUL) first-half gross margin was 63.0%, an increase of 170 basis points, but still lower than the 2012/13 fiscal year gross margin of 63.3%.

Mulberry still stressed that the British manufacturing, Somerset, England, the second factory has been completed and is expected to be fully operational in 2014, Mulberry hope 50% handbags can be made in the UK. As the international fur prices rose 16%, Mulberry said to maintain gross margins, pricing and procurement can make some changes. No fashion network speculation, Mulberry Group PLC (LON: MUL) may brewing prices.

Mulberry products will be the focus of concern, the first half of fiscal year sales growth of 13% growth rate of 11% over the same period last year, small leather goods and gift sales growth of 14% growth rate of 13% over the same period .Mulberry will continue High pricing product strategy, the current price of 500 pounds of products account for the number of brands 1000 products 60%, Mulberry said more than 1000 pounds Willow and Double Zip Bayswater two products are popular show high pricing products market.

Can he save the future of mulberry?

The brand is committed to the British manufacturing, with two English workshops ─ the rookery and the willows have nearly 700 skilled artisans and apprenticeship-based. Mulberry is the UK’s largest luxury leather goods manufacturer, in the world turnover of 164 million pounds and 122 stores.

Coca was born in Seville’s Spanish family, studied art, architecture and design at the Paris école des beaux-arts and école boulle and is currently a teacher at the Central Saint Martins. He says his inspiration comes from his passion for fashion, design, art, architecture, film and music.

Proficient in multi-lingual coca past in the bally and louis vuitton’s accessories department worked, coca is in mulberry through turbulence after 18 months to join. He is now responsible for all mulberry series, including garments, and will report to davis. Coca said it intends to extend the tradition of mulberry to encourage new young talent to help build the next generation of brands.

Mulberry chairman and CEO godfrey davis said: “in mulberry, we are very hard, we are keen to keep the brand positioning, coca especially for luxury accessories have a very modern interpretation, he is very understanding of what customers need. Said coca is a luxury accessories design industry star, and brand business “perfect fit.” Coca hopes to join to re-attract the core consumer, the brand back to track.

Mulberry appointed Neil Ritchie as the new chief financial officer

Neil Ritchie, 44, will join Mulberry’s board of directors as CFO on May 16 and the current chief financial officer, Roger Mather, will leave the board on the same day and leave until June to ensure the smooth transition. The Group did not explain the reasons for this change.

Neil Ritchie has served British electrical manufacturer Dyson over the past 14 years and has held various business and finance positions in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia markets, most recently as Director of Global Commercial Finance . He previously worked for GlaxoSmithKline and PricewaterhouseCoopers, with extensive financial management experience.

The normal personnel transfer Ye Hao, do not want to say the reason worth mentioning, but let investors are most concerned about is, Mulberry in this series of new appointments to regain growth? The newly appointed members can Mulberry regain the times Of the brand positioning? We are still unknown.

Affected by this news, Mulberry Monday afternoon fell 1.27% to 974 pence. The stock has risen 13.1% over the past 12 months as business recovers and new CEO Thierry Andretta and new creative director Johnny Coca stepped in to stabilize investor confidence.

Fendi new series of Hypnoteyes bags

Fendi has also entered the autumn and winter since people feel very wondered how there is no great action? This allows Fendi powder how to sit, really is the day and night to look forward to a surprise in our eyes. In fact, each big move before the move is very low-key, Fendi, of course, is no exception, because the next big wave Fendi Meng goods will hit it!

Fendi new series of Hypnoteyes bags, small monsters to stay in the whole face of Meng Meng and big eyes once the circle has launched a large wave of powder children, still so Meng, people simply can not resist.

Big innocent eyes is to take the heart to look at it, Fendi how this series can be so good-looking, both the existence of hairy elements can not, autumn and winter season can also be full of tricks, with such bags , Eye-catching what also need to spend it?

How much do you know about professional buyers?

When the brush is what kind of experience? “Double 11” the same day, the reporter joined the identity of a part-time brush a single organization and found that the lower threshold to join a single brush, brush single operation is also easier to get started, but the organization of a clear division of labor, hierarchical complex code to follow a fixed format, Who perform their duties through the network to receive remuneration. As for who is the controller of this organization, what is the meaning of the code, and no one to explain.

The reporter first through the WeChat search keywords as “Taobao brush single” public number, select one of the certification as “Zhengzhou Kay e-commerce Limited” public number, the public number left a QQ group number, click to join.

Journalists click, called “part-time mobile phone application group,” the QQ group pop-up, the reporter click on the application group, immediately through. Just one into the group, there are three groups nickname prefix for the “reception” of the administrator almost simultaneously play “part-time private chat” welcome words, followed by one of the reception (the reception A) sent a private chat to reporters, To reporters about the scope of business.

Taobao brush that is their main business, only a simple training can enter the platform orders, each single commission ranging from 5 to 20 yuan. Reporters expressed great interest, the reception A then inform the brush into the platform to pay a sum of 66 yuan dues, so full of 300 will be returned after a single, no secondary charges.

Reporters through the QQ red envelope to the reception A transfer, reception A received told reporters: “Brush process and we usually online shopping is the same, but you do not need their own payments, we will pay through other people, red envelopes to pay the way payment, You do not have to pay for it yourself. “