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Rural users fall in love with high-end appliances

With the electric business to further promote online and offline business integration, business penetration of daily life significantly improved. On the one hand, the user groups to expand, middle-aged and rural consumer groups rise, more and more involved in the electricity consumption, the city middle-class groups become the main consumer groups, leading consumer trends and trends. On the other hand, product sales, the unit price of more than 50,000 yuan of high-end consumer to achieve more than 200% of high-speed growth at the same time, daily necessities-based online supermarket rapid development, further influence and change the consumer traditional consumer habits .

The composition of the user groups, the “report” found that Jingdong electric new users, the proportion of men and women is basically the same, more male users of professional white-collar workers, service personnel and institutions. Overall, high-consumption users are more medical staff, middle-level users are more white-collar workers, financial practitioners and scientific and technological personnel.

Huo Jianming said that in 2016 the sudden emergence of rural users, contribute to a strong purchasing power. Among them, the rural market contributed more than 55 inches TV, inverter air conditioner and drum washing machine more than 50% share, while the annual consumption of rural areas the highest amount of mobile phone brands Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Show in the high-end consumer electronics market, the rural market close to or even beyond the level of the urban market.

Silver-haired group is another major consumer groups business highlights. “Tide Grandpa,” “Tide Grandma” hobby is books, cosmetics and medical care. Children’s books, primary school textbooks is to buy the most books category.

In addition, from the product point of view, the 2016 electricity consumption shows many new features. One of the most significant, is the mother and infant, skin care products, food, fresh online supermarket-related categories such as the rise.

Luxury stock changes in 2016

LVMH, the last trading day LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA (LVMH.PA) Moet Hennessy – Louis Vuitton Group shares edged up 0.30 percent to 132.60 euros in 2013, the cumulative decline in the stock market performance is not good, 4.47%.

Richemont SA Richemont SA (CFR.VX) Richemont SA (CFR.VX) shares climbed 0.17% to 88.80 Swiss francs on Dec. 30, 2013, the last trading day. This year, the Richemont SA Richemont SA (CFR.VX) Up 24.19 percent.

Gucci parent company Kering SA (KER.PA) Kuiyun Group shares fell slightly on the 31st 0.16% to 153.65 euros, this year’s total rose 9.09%. It is noteworthy that Kering SA (KER.PA) Kaiyun Group this year, the performance of the stock market was dynamic growth in August has hit a record of 185.15 euros, in addition to Puma Puma brand continues to decline, the Gucci Gucci brand impact on the stock price movements Great, this also caused the stock price fluctuation range is bigger throughout the year.

Burberry Group PLC (BRBY.L) Burberry shares rose 24.31% last year, to 1516.00 pence, while the Mulberry Group PLC (MUL.L) Mai Baorui shares fell 18.62%, while the United Kingdom, the two luxury goods company performance is just the opposite, To 955.00 pence.

Hermès International SCA (HRMS.PA) Hermes International Group and Kering SA (KER.PA) Kaiyun Group, as a dynamic growth over the past year, mid-year, April and May and August and September at a high level, the whole The cumulative stock price rose 16.44%.

New creative director has been chosen by mulberry

Bruno Guillon, CEO of Bruno Guillon, left the company in March after a series of profit warnings led to a plunge in share prices. The group has been trying to adjust its brand positioning with little success … but today the good news is finally coming. A year-long creative director of MULBERRY finally got the job, Johnny Coca.

Born in Spain, Johnny Coca currently works at Céline as the chief designer of the leather, accessories, shoes and jewelry sector. Although not Phoebe Philo reputation so loud, but the resume is also very rich. In the jewelry design is very talented, he worked in BALLY and LOUIS VUITTON parts department, in the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design during the teaching, word of mouth is also good.

“I am looking forward to joining MULBERRY as creative director and I want to take this British brand to the next level,” Johnny Coca said in a public statement. It is reported that he will be in July 8, 2015 formally took office, responsible for all product line of creative work, and directly to MULBERRY Chairman and CEO Godfrey Davis report.

How should mulberry increase its ultimate sales?

CEO and creative director with the replacement often means that the brand has a big problem. Mulberry has been known as following the British Burberry after the most words of the brand, Bayswater tote package because Kate Moss and hot, and Alexa Satchel is also a smash hit it bag.

But since 2013, CEO Bruno Guillon took office, the brand took two years to make a capital death. Bruno Guillon from Hermes in an attempt to Mulberry positioning overstating, made a series of moves to reduce the wholesaler, the flagship store decoration is very luxurious, has moved to China and Turkey part of the production line and moved back to the UK, increase pricing .

Positioning adjustment, Mulberry most of the handbags are priced at 700-800 pounds, 17% of the single product more than 1000 pounds, a shape like an envelope of Willow handbag price even up to 1600 pounds. The price is three times the profit warning – the original customers can not afford a higher price, while the high-end market, customers are still not recognized the brand value behind the brand value.

The match of bags with clothing

White is the most holy color, personal feeling is the best dress color effect, this color is more suitable for light-colored bag with it. White casual assembly with a light yellow bag, soft color coordination; accompanied by lavender without losing a successful combination, together with the pale pink bag can give people the feeling of gentle and elegant. White dress more suitable for lilac and similar color matching bag, the effect is good oh. Red and white combination of more bold, stylish, look warm and chic, in a strong contrast, the heavier the weight of white, feel softer.

Blue clothing most easily with a variety of colors with the bag, whether it is similar to the black blue or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and the blue has a good effect of tightening the body, is the body of the crazy show the Fuji select. Blue bag with a red bag, can make people look charming, pretty; with gray bag, slightly conservative combination, but the overall feeling of relatively lively (strongly recommended there are fine lines of gray, can be very good to add elegant temperament); And lilac bags with, feel more subtle; with the white bag with Needless to say, blue and white with their own more common, if intentionally or unintentionally, by adding purple composition, will add a bit mature city flavor. Color is more deep, especially similar to the black blue professional suit, with the color of the bag for some formal places, not only adorned with decent, clear curves and with a light and charming romantic atmosphere.

Black is a calm with a mysterious color, no matter what color and put together, will not have a style, so the press has always felt that the choice of black people, mostly wise people, absolutely first class. Red and black with itself is a classic, black and white with the best combination is never out of date, even with a little difficult to match the beige, if it can do the same style, the effect is almost unparalleled, sun, avant-garde, fashion, Similar words will continue to rush to your name.

More and more chances will be available for mother & kid’s merchandise

China’s electricity giant is the two Ali and Jingdong, Ali and Jingdong in fact, there is still a second echelon, including the only product will, mushroom Street, Beibei network and Suning Tesco also performed well, everyone in the Their own areas to find the value of existence, but the only product will be, Suning Tesco and so tends to be stable, and some new power companies have more momentum, such as Babe is the rapid development of the past two years, this shows the industry focused on the A certain degree, and the new opportunities are also nurtured.

Beibei network can be said that the past two years, an electricity business phenomenon, but before the light in the only product will not get enough attention. This seemingly maternal and child electrical business in two years to do the sales of four billion, if this year to achieve its billions of goals, then more than the only product will be the pace of development, and even more than Jingdong Development Speed. In fact, is still very noteworthy new phenomenon, the double eleven, babe net sales of non-maternal and child goods than usual more than 20 times, 85% of transactions from non-standard goods, 95% of the transaction from the mobile side , While the rise of contrarian babe network, then verify their different vertical logic, that is, around the mother crowd to create mobile shopping entrance.

Easy to think that the mother crowd control of the family more than 80% of the shopping decision-making power, good service this group will be able to find a new supplier of electricity exports, Babel network Zhang Lianglun that behind each mother represents a family, their shopping needs from the mother Infant extends to themselves and their families, Babe hopes to serve this part of the crowd, in order to obtain new opportunities. The double eleven of the growth of non-mother and baby category to Babe network “mother economy” initial success.