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E-commerce models will be developing more and more

To the most mature enterprise in the value chain of the most mature, to the most complete data transformation of Amazon, for example, Jinglin Bo pointed out that the popularity of the Internet, significantly narrowing the distance between producers and consumers, making dramatic changes in production methods . In the past, the main mode of social production, from Ford, Toyota and other automobile enterprises as the representative of the large-scale production line, developed to Dell and other IT companies represented by mass customization, and the future will be based on personalized custom-based Of the C2B mode.

In order to solve the uncertainty, diversity and complexity of customized manufacturing, enterprises need to rely on large-scale data and cloud computing technology to achieve the goal of improving the efficiency and reliability of the system. From the process of receiving orders to manufacturing and then completing the transaction, Automatic, online, real-time, and comprehensive recording of every machining action and behavior of a person, material, machine.

Jinglin Bo said that this will bring enterprise organizational structure, personnel orientation change, will also bring the product price chain and even the entire production transaction process changes.

Therefore, Jinglin Bo predicted that by 2025, cloud technology, Internet of things, intelligent robots and other 12 disruptive technology, the potential economic impact will reach 14-33 trillion US dollars. This undoubtedly will be China’s physical retailers, department stores as the representative of the format has a huge impact, which in the United States to represent Macy’s recent business entities in the United States has been the trend of off shop. He predicted that five years later, one-third of China’s stores, there may be operational risks.

Poor performance has shocked Mulberry executives

“Bruno Guillon joined the group exactly 2 years should be Mulberry’s biggest ‘sinner’, Mulberry with the current brand awareness is difficult to develop into the highest brand Kelly, Bruno Guillon’s stubborn and misjudged the Mulberry missed growth opportunities. Commodities and apparel retail industry analyst Tang Xiaotang said.

Mulberry Group PLC (LON: MUL) once again issued profit warning, of course, is expected to drop 30%, so far this year the Group’s share price fell 31.17% over the past year fell more than 50%, and Bruno Guillon Mulberry Group PLC (LON: MUL) shares plunged more than 65%.

Mulberry Group PLC (LON: MUL) net profit fell 31% to 5.07 million pounds, compared to 7.34 million pounds last year, the first half of fiscal 2013,14 as of September 30, 2013 the end of the first half of fiscal 2013, tax Before profit fell 28% to 723 million pounds last year to 10 million pounds.

Mulberry’s high price and high positioning strategy for the Group to measure a large number of customers, due to the end of 2013 holiday season competition, as of January 25, 2014 17 weeks before Mulberry sales in the UK fell 3%, while the UK market accounted for 63% , In addition to the holiday season, the British domestic market downturn, the South Korean market has also canceled the Mulberry wholesale orders, deep recession, declining consumer spending in South Korea, many luxury goods out of the market, and Mulberry’s price increase is clearly worse for the market consumers .

In 2013, Mulberry Group PLC (MUL.L) Mai Baorui creative director Emma Hill announced in the Group’s fiscal year 2013 fiscal year before the release, reportedly Emma Hill and Bruno Guillon on the Group’s development strategy for different views. In December 2012, Bruno Guillon cut Mulberry low-end products, cancel its original discount opportunities, the main push full price shop, in addition to Mulberry Mai Baorui has begun to take the initiative to reduce the wholesale business, to take full price strategy to improve its Profitability. Bruno Guillon’s strategy is to Mulberry Mai Baorui the “affordable” luxury into the rich, especially Asian tourists to provide expensive luxury. He also hopes to build this British local brand into a world-renowned luxury goods.

Mulberry Mini Lily Bag

If you are the perfect choice for the Christmas gift to worry about, you can log on Mulberry official website to find a new gift search for the right gift.

First select the object you want to send gifts and then wait for Mulberry to give you three suggestions. In order to send the gift of mind has been conveyed down, when you choose a gift, while entering the personal information that has the opportunity to win your chosen Mulberry bag.

For the global bag lovers, Mulberry plays Santa’s gift aides. The new mini Lily bag – Mulberry iconic evening bag of the same name another small version of the package – with the brand symbol of the postman lock, selected leather and chain belt. Longer hands-free shoulder strap design makes this pocket-sized style even more versatile.

Mini Lily Bag comes in a variety of leathers and colors to choose from, including classic black and new orange, hibiscus pink, grass green and chamomile.

Mulberry shoes series will be priced lower than the other luxury brands

Thierry Andretta became the CEO of Mulberry last year. After more than 10 years, designer Johnny Coca and former colleague Thierry Andretta reunited, two people together for the Mulberry brand to bring a new transformation.

All along, Mulberry brand is the core of leather products, as well as footwear and clothing line. At present, the two of them will guide the brand to deepen the foundation of British culture. Mulberry CEO Thierry Andretta that, for existing and ideal customers, the brand really need to show in each category 360-degree field of vision. The brand has demonstrated its line of ready-to-wear and footwear on the show floor, but it is only a small part of its business.

Mulberry is the UK’s largest luxury leather goods manufacturer, its factory in Somerset, England manufacture most of the accessories. Recently, the brand signed an agreement with Onward Luxury Group, agreed that the group manufacturing and distribution Mulberry clothing and footwear series, the specific cooperation will start in the 2016 autumn and winter series.

Chief Executive Officer Thierry Andretta has always stressed that the UK is the largest and most important brand in the market, but also to convey the most relevant characteristics of a place brand. According to the data show that the United Kingdom accounted for more than 50% of Mulberry’s total revenue, the United States and South Korea ranked second. Germany is also one of the key markets, but the brand has not yet entered the Italian market. However, Thierry Andretta that the international market growth opportunities are enormous.

Bag is the second piece of clothing of women

White is the most holy color, this color is more suitable for light-colored bag with it. White casual assembly with a light yellow bag, soft color coordination; accompanied by lavender without losing a successful combination, together with the pale pink bag can give people the feeling of gentle and elegant. White dress more suitable for lilac and similar color matching bag, the effect is good oh. Red and white combination of more bold, stylish, look warm and chic, in a strong contrast, the heavier the weight of white, feel softer.

Blue clothing most easily with a variety of colors with the bag, whether it is similar to the black blue or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and the blue has a good effect of tightening the body, is the body of the crazy show the Fuji select. Blue jacket with a khaki bag, feeling more harmonious; with the white ladies bag with Needless to say, blue and white with their own more common. Color is more deep, especially similar to the black blue professional suit, with the color of the bag for some formal places, not only adorned with decent, clear curves and with a light and charming romantic atmosphere.

Brown clothes and bags with a single, with a white bag with a very good give a pure feeling, more suitable for pure little girls; more conservative brown with black bags, can reflect the elegant and mature, Material texture of different brown with easy texture differences, highlighting the contrast, showing a unique taste.

More and more goods are bought overseas

In September 2015, Ant Kim took a 20% stake in Paytm, an Indian payment company, for $ 680 million. Paytm has become India’s largest mobile payment platform, and ranked fourth in the world. As of August 2016, Paytm has 140 million mobile e-wallet users, this figure is 6.4 times before the ant Jinfu investment.

In October 2015, K-Bank, the first Internet bank in Korea, was granted permission to participate in Ants, and 20 other local institutions, including Korea Telecom (KT). This is the first time in 23 years that the Bank of Korea agreed to build a new bank after the Korean government issued a “Ping Bank” license in 1992.

Currently K-Band is still in the preparatory stage, did not carry out specific business. However, K-Band once opened, Alipay can obtain the relevant license, access to business for the Korean national qualifications.

In November 2016, ants in Hong Kong announced the strategic investment in local payment company Ascend Money. Ascend Money has two financial services licensed platforms, True Money and Ascend Nano, which offer debit and e-wallet services, which are microcredit and personal loan platforms.

Ascend Money data show that the current use of online banking in Thailand accounted for less than 10% of online shopping consumption in 75% of orders using the “cash on delivery” and “counter payment”, online banking and e-wallet and other online payment methods Only 10%, the level of development of the entire electronic payment market is equivalent to 10 years ago in China.